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3 Ways To Look After Your Body Post Surgery

Having surgery can seriously take its toll on your body, as the process does put the body under a lot of strain, so making sure you’re looking after it properly is important to help you heal well and recover well too. So, we’re here with 3 things you should be doing to look after your body post surgery!

The absolute main thing to remember here is that every surgery is different, so what someone who has had cosmetic surgery in Manchester does will be very different to someone who’s had a hip replacement in London. So, make sure that you listen to your surgeon and follow their instructions carefully. However, we’re here with a few bits of inspiration to help with your recovery.

Fuel It With Protein and Nutrients

The first thing you should be doing is fueling your body with the right foods to help it recover. Our diet plays a huge role in how our bodies function, and so that extra bit of thought and effort should go into what you’re eating after surgery to help your body get back to its best. The two main foods you should focus on eating are protein and nutrients. Protein is in all of our cells, organs and tissues, and so eating more of it in surgery recovery can help to speed up the healing process in a healthy way. Aim to eat a handful of protein with each meal, whether that’s red meat, poultry, fish, yoghurt, tofu, lentils or beans. You should also be eating a variety of different nutrients in the form of fruits and vegetables. Different coloured fruits and vegetables contain different nutrients that all help our bodies to function properly, so get a mixture of fruit and veg to eat post surgery and you’ll be helping your body to recover.

Move As Much As Is Safe To Do So

Another thing you should be doing is moving your body as much as your doctor has recommended is safe to do so. Exercise is an important part of post surgery recovery, as it can help to flush out toxins, encourage blood flow around the body, boost your ability to heal and gradually help you to regain some strength. The key here is to ask your doctor, as again someone who has had a rhinoplasty Manchester based will be able to walk more a lot quicker than someone who has had a knee replacement. However, doing as much as you can (whilst still listening to your body) is key. Getting some exercise in, even if it’s a short supervised walk around the garden, can also help with your mental health, as it’s common to not feel like yourself in surgery recovery and so this can make a big difference.

Prioritise Your Sleep

Lastly, you should be prioritising your sleep. Sleeping is one of the most important things you can do when you’re recovering, as this is when the body does the majority of its healing. So, get a good night’s sleep and also nap in the day if needed. When you combine a good amount of sleep with the recommended amount of exercise, your body will thank you for it!