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Top Horror Movies Revolving Around Insects

Bugs are quite hardly uncommon to find at night especially during the spring season. There is no doubt that there are a good number of people that do not like insects. You will realize that there are a couple of insect invasion films that can send shivers down your spine for a relatively long period of time. You will be assured of a couple of movies that you can take into consideration in this respect. They will often include the following.

You will learn of the film THEM that came about in 1954. It is among the first nuclear monster movies that existed in the 1950s. It features an atomic bomb testing that results in a colony of ants that become mutant against radiation. The ants go on a rampage in the region. There are two queen ants that are aiming at coming up with their own new nests. Humans are tasked with trying to end the expansion of the colony. It is also possible for you to go for THE FLY. It is characterized by a man that is converted into a bug. This is one of the films that is reflective of the fact that science can end up south. It is characterized by a research scientist who comes up with a tele-pod that is purposed to send items form one place to another. However, in this telepod is a fly that will bring about so much problem.

You will also learn of the WASP WOMAN that revolves around a cosmetics company owner. A serum is created from the enzymes of a queen wasp’s jelly to reverse the aging of the company owner. Having failed to be patient, she chose to steal an extra dose. This leads to various consequences. You can also consider MIMIC. It revolves around cockroaches that bear a deadly disease. This disease kills very many children in this film. Then there is THE BEES. This selection of kits will certainly suit you after watching this film. This is a Mexican film that is pillared on deadly imported bees. These bees become intelligent and start attacking people.

You will also get to learn of the BLACK SCORPION. It involves giant scorpions that were believed to be extinct being released in the countryside. Two geologists take the responsibility of stopping these scorpions. Then there is THE SWARM which is about a bee invasion in Texas. These bees are responsible for the attack and killing of people in the cities. You will note that TICKS features a terrifying experience. These ticks seek to clear the population and expand their territory. MOSQUITO is yet another great film to take into consideration.