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Unusual Existing Laws

There are existing consequences that one gets for breaking the law. By punishing the offenders of the law, then it is certain that the nation will be at peace. However, there are laws that are considered to be unusual yet they are enforced. The unusual existing laws are as explained below.
Honking in front of a sandwich shop in Little Rock, Arkansas is considered to be illegal.

An individual is required not to hoot past 9pm. Secondly, there are states that view kangaroo fighting as violation of the law. This is even when it is a fact that a lot of individual enjoy it when they see the animals fight. Animals fighting has been labeled as cruelty to the animals. In Tennessee, it is a crime for one to share their login credentials with an individual that they do not stay under the same roof with.

It is also a fact that there is an existing law that prohibits cheating in video games. Even when players use this tactic to win in a game, this could lead to them being charged in court for committing a crime. An individual will have to face the law given that the producers of the games state that this act is a way that one is going against the terms which they have put into place for the gamers to follow. Riding a bicycle in a fancy manner is considered to be illegal in Galesburg, Illinois. An individual is certain to find themselves in jail if they do any acrobatic move on their bicycle. If one under 16 years of age is found on the act, then it is necessary that within 24 hours that they pay $1, however, if 72 hours go by, then he or she will be required to pay the same fees that an adult will have to.

An individual need to also know that hitting a vending machine in Derby, Kansas is a violation of law that will result to one being on the county jail for up to one year.

If one is found not smiling in Pocatello, Idaho, then they will face an arrest. If an individual makes the decision of using a fake name online, then it is considered that he or she is violating the law. Violating this law will mean that an individual will be in jail for a term up to five years. By an individual having a permanent marker in Florida, then it is certain that they are committing a crime. The reason to why this is so is because of the laws that exist which prohibit graffiti.

The consequence of this illegal act is not harsh because the officers will confiscate the marker. The last unusual law is in Rumford, Maine where when one bites their landlord, then they risk paying a fine of not more than $2,500 and their house branded as disorderly. There is the need for an individual to, therefore, be careful not to break the existing laws.

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