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How to Take Appealing Selfies

Selfies have become the order of the day especially with younger adults as studies have shown. Women are spending a lot of time just getting ready to take the ideal shot and of course that does not happen with just the first try, it could be a lot of tries. When you add the aspect of changing hairstyles and makeup and the clothes they have on, it only adds on that time. However, you don’t have to be a victim for this anymore as there are tips that you could use to help with taking better selfies and within very short periods of time. Taking selfies is not that easy, you have a lot to take into consideration and with the right tips, you will have more success and be happy doing it as well.

Selfies are the best avenues to express yourself especially on social media hence the need to take proper ones. People will take note of a lot of things just from a simple selfie. Camera height that you are using to take selfies is very important, the higher than your line of vision the better it will be. Selfies that have a more than one people will automatically need a higher camera height if you are to capture everything that you want in the photo. If you have been having problems with taking selfies in the past, chances are that your lighting is not the best. Watch out for the shadows if you like your photos in the middle of the day, facing the sun will help you with having a well-lit photo. Face tilts can also help with making some very good selfies, however, this is something you should do if the straight on pose does not work for you and it should be gentle.

Double chin happens to be a feature that most people don’t like, if you are a double chin you could slightly tilt your head up or down to conceal it. Light reflection is another feature that you could use to your advantage when it comes to making sure a double chin doesn’t ruin your selfie, just hold a white piece of paper under your chin and see the magic happen. A natural smile in a selfie is like the icing on the cake, it enhances the desired features on your face making the perfect shot. Wearing brighter lipstick will work great for ladies as you get to highlight lips, avoid dark lipstick that will make you appear old or tired. Posing with the right body angle can make a selfie much more appealing especially if it’s a full selfie, you can get a lot of pose illustrations online for the best angles when taking photos.