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Factors Contributing to Forgetfulness.
You can easily fail people around you by simply forgetting on a deal or arrangements you have made. Forgetfulness is different from memory loss in that it can be experienced by anyone especially in their thirties while memory loss is experienced more in elderly folks above forty years of age. Below are some of the reasons why forgetfulness is common in people in their thirties.
Forgetfulness is mainly caused by the high levels of stress the individuals in their thirties experience in their lives. The stress that comes with every aspect an individual needs to handle while in their thirties is very high and it wouldn’t come to a surprise if you see such an individual experiencing forgetfulness. Individuals in their thirties need to focus on their careers, buy a house for their future families, marry or get married, get kids and also maintain the relationships with friends and this can be very stressful. At this stage of life you may find yourself forgetting things rampantly and to counteract this it is advisable that you relax more, spend some time with friends, work out and also practice meditation through yoga.
People in their thirties also suffer from forgetfulness caused by high levels of anxiety. It is impossible for your brain to function properly when you are anxious and in most case you have a hard time thinking straight. When anxious, it is impossible for you to remember previous events from a few days which is clear forgetfulness. Anxiety can be treated through therapy and it is recommended that you get treated in order to improve the quality of your life.
Depriving your body of sleep can also see you experience forgetfulness. Every night you should have a minimum of eight hours of sleep below which you don’t rest your mind fully and this leads to forgetfulness. You can, however, improve your ability to remember by getting enough sleep as it rejuvenates your short term memory centers.
Forgetfulness can also come as a result of prescribed medication. Paroxetine, Oxybutynin, Amitriptyline, and Cimetidine drugs are some of the prescriptions that can affect your brain and generally your ability to remember. Other drugs known to cause forgetfulness include cold and allergy medication prescriptions which contain chlorpheniramine, diphenhydramine, or brompheniramine. It is recommended that you avoid these drugs at all costs.
The heavy consumption of alcohol is also a major cause of forgetfulness and in the long run memory loss. You cause a lot of damage to your long and short term memory centers if you have a habit of drinking too much in a short period of time and it is a high time you avoid doing this.
Lastly, in your thirties forgetfulness will hit you hard one you get kids. Chances are high that you will forget many things around you including yourself when giving your kids the attention and affection they need.