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Thiamine deficiency is rare in industrialized countries and is mostly seen in the setting of chronic alcohol abuse, recurrent vomiting, AIDS, long-term whole parenteral nutrition, eating problems and weight reduction surgery. Vitamin B12 incorporates cobalt, making it the one vitamin that accommodates a metallic ion. It is critical for fat and protein catabolism, for folate coenzyme operate, and for hemoglobin synthesis. An enzyme requiring vitamin B12 is required by a folate-dependent enzyme to synthesize DNA. Thus, a deficiency in vitamin B12 has comparable consequences to well being as folate deficiency.

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Symptoms of insufficient vitamin K include easy bruising and bleeding (e.g. bloody urine/stools, nosebleeds) as nicely as difficult menstruation. To examine if you have sufficient vitamin K, ask your doctor to verify your prothrombin time...

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