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Getting To Know More About The Things That Guatemala Has To Offer

There are instances when we feel like we have already traveled some of the best tourists destinations in the world without thinking that there are still majestic place left uncovered, just like Guatemala. Eighty year ago, Agous Huxley visited the natural beauty of Lago Atitlan in Guatemala and ever since then, writers have been raving how majestic and breathtaking the place is. There are so many things that you have to be aware of regarding Lago Atitlan and one of which is the fact that they are surrounded by three volcanoes and a lake that is ringed by a number of Maya villages, all have their own beliefs and culture and some that are still unspoiled, albeit the coming of tourism in the said place. If you want to go to Atitlan, we suggest that you spend an entire week there as doing so will give you the chance of experiencing its unique blend of Maya tradition and some sort of hippy culture as well that has sprung up.

For those of you wondering where you should be going to when visiting Lago Atitlan, we recommend you to try going to Panajachel, the most popular lakeside settlement in the whole of Guatemala. Which was founded in the nineteen fifty’s by the beatniks. There are hotels and shopping centers that you can visit there and though the place is mostly a resort now, you will still be enchanted by the beauty of the lake which the people were able to preserve.

The next place that we want you to visit in Guatemala is the Santiago Atitlan which is known for having a market that is frenetic and non-touristy which often starts on a Friday, early morning. When you happen to be a big fan of flea market, then Santiago Atitlan is the best place for you to go to since their market is a riot of colors as well as commerce from the people on the highland areas who are overloaded with vegetables and also, textile weaving materials. Not far from the market, you will be able to see the textile museum, the Parish Church as well as the shrine of the Mayan pagan Saint Maximon, wherein you can offer your prayers and offerings of liquor and tobacco.

The San Pedro, a neighboriing Mayan village of Santiago, has become the countercultural center of Guatemala in the last decade and because of that, you can see a multitude of language schools as well as cheapo digs for bongo drummers and bongo puffers. Apart from that, we are sure that you will have a good time tasting and enjoying the sumptuous and delicious delicacies of the restaurants they have and also, a hike up the nearby San Pedro volcano will serve a a great wrap for your journey.

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