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All on the Basics You Need to Know on EMP and Protection

Talking of EMP, this can be the result of any of the two things-a nuclear explosion or a solar flare. We will be taking a particular look at some of the effects of the EMP and as well some of the actions that you may take so as to ensure that you have well protected or managed as much the effects of an EMP attack. Note the fact that a large Electromagnetic Pulse can have so serious and devastating effects and cause widespread problems. Read on and learn more on EMP attacks and how to be of a mindset that will help you survive an EMP attack.

By and large, when we talk of EMP, electromagnetic pulse, this is simply a wave of electromagnetic radiation. It doesn’t affect people directly as to cause hurt but the radiations will interact with power lines, metals, conductive materials, electronics and in most cases causes power spikes. Where the EMP is strong enough, it may result in failures in your electronic devices. And just as we have already indicated above, the two most common causes of EMP are solar flares and nuclear explosions. The following is a look at some of the things that an EMP can probably damage.

Generally, a number of things can get damaged as a result of an EMP and this is depending on the extent of the explosion or the solar flare causing the EMP. Some of these are such as TVs, radios and the other broadcast equipment, power grid transformers and power substations, telephone lines, aircraft and vehicle control systems, computers and the other internet connected devices, refrigerators, satellites that may be located within the EMP zone, and many others. Generally speaking, any sort of electronic and any item that is powered by electricity can get damaged by an EMP.

Looking at the above basics, it is a fact that when we are looking at an EMP attack, we are not necessarily talking of a case where a country is actually declaring some form of nuclear war on another. Now we can understand the fact that an EMP that happens to be as substantial in effect will be such that will send such electromagnetic waves that will prove to disrupt so heavily the systems in a particular setting. It is important for governments and businesses to ensure that they have in place the right measures in place to protect their systems from potential EMP attacks.

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