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More Information on Adjustment Disorder

Life comes with its own set of challenges and how we cope with them is what matters a lot. Each one of us has their own mechanisms of coping with a stressful situation but at times we get overwhelmed and are forced to seek help. In some cases, we are able to overcome the stress brought about by some situations after a period of time. But if one continues to react towards the same issue for a longer period of time, then they could be suffering from adjustment disorder. This article will shed more light on adjustment disorder.

You will note that adjustment disorder can occur in both children and adults. In children, some of the stressful situations that may lead to adjustment disorder may include; change of school, loss of a loved one, relocating to a new environment, separation, or divorce among others. Children tend to show disruptive behavior when suffering from adjustment disorder and some of the symptoms may include; isolation, crying frequently, easily irritable, picking up fights, rudeness, insomnia among others. Also, depression and anxiety are also signs of adjustment disorder that may occur in children. In adults, some of the stressful situations that can trigger adjustment disorder may include being fired from work, divorce, death of a loved one, a traumatic event, and life hardships among others. If the person is unable to cope and overcome the stress over a short period of time, they will show signs like suicidal thoughts, lack of concentration when undertaking their duties, depression, anxiety, and withdrawal, among others. It is good to note that adults may show more of emotional change as compared to disruptive behavior change in children.

Seeking help once you notice your friend or family member is exhibiting such symptoms after a known stressful situation, it is advisable to seek help. Some of the diagnoses of adjustment disorder may include; showing behavior and psychological change within three months since the stressful situation occurred. Also, a person showing more reaction towards a situation may be suffering from adjustment disorder. Also, the counselor can conclude the person is suffering from adjustment disorder if they have all the above signs but do not have any other underlying issues. A person who is suffering from adjustment disorder can come out of the situation and live a normal life if they seek help early. One of the treatment options is therapy. Here, they will be assigned to a therapist who will help them accept and come out of the stressful situation. According to each case, the therapist will recommend the best therapy for the patient that will be able to help them overcome. Also, adjustment disorder can be cured by taking medication. Most of the cases that are able to come out of adjustment disorder after taking medication are those that are less serious. In order to protect yourself from adjustment disorder, it is advisable to keep friends and family members who will be your source of encouragement and support. Also, living a healthy life is also advisable and you will be able to cope with any situation easily.

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