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Significance of Wearing Letterman Jacket

No matter what weather condition a place has, people do wear jackets. Climate is a factor on what type of jacket a person should wear. It is so rare to see people wear jackets.

Many people wear jackets to express themselves. A jacket with your favorite team logo on it would be catching your attention. High school students wear a letterman jacket that proudly displays their team’s school name.

The history began when an organized sports were in need of uniforms, letterman jackets were then made. The identification was made to a letterman jacket through emblems or letters. The Harvard University worn their first letterman jacket with an Olde English ‘H’ on 1865. The shirt was being embroidered by the letter ‘H’. Harvard baseball team worn the letterman jacket with a letter ‘H’.

The letterman recognition is only given to those who are actively participating in school as athlete of a perform. This term originated from the practice of giving recognition to the participant on a cloth with a letter on it which is sometimes the school’s initials.

It is already a tradition among the school that the athletic letter is associated with elite athletes. The “lettermen” can be distinguished for other active participants due to the system of the school through the establishment of the minimum level of participation. The other members of the team who fail to meet requirements are jus given a certificate of participation. Some schools continue to base the awarding of letters according to performance.

For the team sports, a participant must have certain number of scores, steals, baskets or tackles, according to position and sport.

Varsity Jacket is the other name for letterman jacket. Letterman jacket comes from the letterman sweater. This collection was first used by a baseball team with a small crimson ‘H’ on it. It is through the school who gives the letter award can recognize students who are worthy to wear this collection. There are schools who give letterman jackets to the letter winners at the awarding ceremony. The men athletes give their letterman jackets to their girlfriends as a sign of their love. Since the letterman jacket is an award to the athletes, thus this signify honor which in a romantic relationship could mean a sign of an intimate relationship. As a sign of rejection, the girl would return the letterman jacket to the boy thus signify break ups.

The letterman jacket means differently from different place to different people. The letterman jacket, one way or another, is a sign of valor an d honor.

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